(๑ơ ₃ ơ)♥ StyleWe Review

July 25, 2017

Hi, this was a long awaited blog post review but I'm finally content with publishing this post. I'm writing a review about a webshop called StyleWe, as I have already gotten several cute products from this webshop and I wanted to share my experience with the webshop for future serious buyers. The items were sponsored from StyleWe, but it was my decision to write a review and the content is written with 100% genuinity.

Stylewe is not just a typical online webshop. What makes StyleWe special is that they sell products that are designed and created from individual designers. I like that the webshop is supporting and spreading the works of such individual designers. There are almost infinite selections of their designer database as well as products so there are many different styles ranging from casual to something elegant and formal!

LB IG Recap 1 Thrift Shop

July 23, 2017

photography to Bella
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DENIM BAG: Mama made it
HIGH WAIST SHORTS: American Apparel

Ok so if you missed my 2 day instagram takeover with @lookbook, this whole blog post is basically a recap along with my full outfit photos of Day 1. I posted mini video clips of thrift shopping in New York City. Day 2 were video clips of me drawing this look (link will be added here later). Please don't mind too much of my video editing skills... it's quite tacky but I did have some fun trying to make it interactive as much as I could!

I was so thrilled to have the opportunity to express myself, my style, and creativity on their instagram account. So you could imagine how thankful and happy I was ~

Alright let's talk about thrifting in New York! So thrifting in New York- there's sooo many options and so many different stores to thrift from. There are also vintage boutiques as well. I went to 3 stores that day at downtown Manhattan but there's A LOT MORE than just 3. Probably close to a dozen perhaps?

Press the READ MORE button to see videos!

Old School

July 6, 2017

photography to June

BLACK TEE: Thrifted PLEATED SKIRT: American Apparel

So earlier in May, I got a message from June and GUESS WHAT??!? We did a shoot and the photos came out so good that a magazine company accepted these shots and published part of them in their magazine! I have been wanting to post these in May but couldn't up until now because of the release date of the magazine. I am just truly happy for him and that the right people could see his real talent and raw skills. Working with June never cease to amaze me. You'll be seeing a couple more different outfit shoots with June soon!

More on June Jissle - SITE // IG // MORE LOOKS

Band T-Shirt Dress

June 27, 2017

photography to Laura

BAND TEE: Given^^

The fishnet trend is still strong. You'll see me wear fishnets again in another upcoming look! This time I'm wearing fishnet tights with a simple huge sized tee as a dress. It's just a effortless grunge look.

That day I went to Paris with my sweet blogger friend, Laura. The weather was beautiful and wearing these vintage platforms from Dr. Martens made it easier to walk! We are very close to the Eiffel tower and sat at a nearby canal to gawk at the view and the beautiful blue skies~ oh, how I wish to hang out with her in Paris again!

Also if you're interested, I recently did an interview with LOOKBOOK. You could also win a $50 Zaful gift card just by commenting. The gift card giveaway ends by this month! Thank you LB and readers.

Space Princess

June 16, 2017

photography to Jenna

PINK GARTER: Aliexpress

I recently bought these pair of jeans online and I'm SO IN LOVE WITH THEM. I was so jealous of them girls wearing jeans like these on pinterest, instagram, etc. They wore it with fishnet tights or paired it with a plain tee. Now that I have something similar, I feel amazing! In this look, I wanted to try something different and wear a garter under it. I think the results came out cute!

Last week, I went on a 10 day trip to Europe- Paris and Amsterdam with my instagram friend, Laura. I'll most likely blog about our adventure together and we also did some outfit looks too! I can't wait to share them in the near future.


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